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USA Family Well Being

A mental and behavioral health counseling and case management service center focusing on children, youth, adults, and senior citizens with mental and/or behavioral health issues and/or disorders. Established in 2016.

USA Family Well Being Services’ keys to success include: marketing, service quality, growth potential, achieving efficiency, running our counseling center professionally, and maintaining a serious business discipline in everything we do.

Our competitive edge along with counseling techniques effective with immigrants and those who have suffered trauma, put USAFWB in the forefront of counseling and case management services. We are living in an age where new or more appropriate techniques for mental and behavioral health counseling are in great demand.

Our Mission

Our mission is to heal individuals who have been affected by the war-torn countries and try to stabilize the lives of the people we serve by availing awareness and provide them with the necessary tools and resources. We will promote happy and healthy lifestyles by bridging between new arrivals and the natives providing high quality, comprehensive behavioral health services that are culturally sensitive to the community that we serve.

Our Vision

Our vision is a community whereby everyone who seeks out care finds it, everyone who finds appropriate care can access it, and everyone who accesses appropriate care experiences positive health outcomes and high customer satisfaction.

Our Objectives

  • Provide counseling to individuals, couples, and families under Sections 13, 17, 65, 28, 29 of the Department of Health and Human Services Mental Health and Child and Family Services Departments.
  • Provide various therapeutic group sessions (i.e., bereavement, divorce, teen parenting, senior citizens’ health issues, troubled children/youth).
  • Provide a full range of case management services designed to enhance community integration and labor force participation.

Governance and Values

The agency is governed by a Board of Directors, the members of whom make all governance and management decisions related to the agency and its practice.
The Board, the staff, interns, volunteers, and others who grace our doors as providers share certain values, which include:

  • Respect, Dignity, and Acceptance of Clients as a Valued Member of the Community;
  • Thoroughness, completeness, and correctness of initial Assessment and regular review;
  • Being always in complete and total compliance with privacy and confidentiality rules;
  • Inclusiveness and collaboration in making an Assessment and shared responsibility in creating the Implementing Plan;
  • Every individual has the right to Informed Consent and every individual shall read and sign a receipt for a copy of the Summary of the Rights of Recipients of Mental Health Services.

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